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We design and build innovative laboratory automation systems, dynamic scheduling software, and lab automation instruments that help accelerate and streamline discovery for our pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research clients. Our customers use HighRes automated laboratory equipment, and lab automation systems for their drug discovery, genomics, ag-bio, cell-based assay, and molecular diagnostic applications.

Our robotic systems are flexible, modular, mobile automated solutions that provide our clients the ability to scale or reconfigure their laboratory equipment as their workflow or technology changes. We are the technology pioneers in the laboratory automation space, constantly pushing the boundaries of software and robotics to deliver the world’s most productive and user-friendly systems for scientific research.

From simple benchtop systems, to LIMS integrated multi-robot platforms, we span the complete continuum of laboratory automation possibilities. Our applications engineers and system designers have deep knowledge of both scientific applications, and robotics, providing you with a unique ability to tailor an automated solution to fit your specific needs. We do this with the best robotics, software and automation-ready instruments combined with expert system design, and seamless project management.