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Dynamic Devices is an inventor company infused with a pioneering spirit. We research and integrate new technologies because innovation is the foundation for competitiveness and growth and thus, for our future success.

Dynamic Devices is a premier provider of liquid handling robots and lab automation solutions to the life science industry. We are a recognized leader in motion control, liquid handling, microarray nano technology, high speed rapid prototyping, and application development. With combinations of standard liquid handling platforms and custom integration services, we deliver complete customer solutions. For over a decade now, Dynamic Devices has been delivering solutions to a few select customers in the life science arena. With the success of this business model and growth in the laboratory automation field, Dynamic Devices continues to expand.

Having implemented the the newest motion control and liquid handling technologies, our latest platforms are the next standard for automation. From simple pipetting workstations to custom integrated systems, Dynamic Devices concentrates on reproducing human sample processing, assuring the same results, or better, than if done by hand. We combine this functional chemistry with automation techniques, leading to a personalized solution that is emerging as the new standard in the lab. We focus on automating your assays the way your lab needs them done.