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Sirius Automation® provides automated workflow solutions based upon the specific needs of the situation at hand, with a modular and tailored approach to cost effectively provide exactly what is required without over engineering. From Analytical Weighing to Gravimetric Dilutions, Mixing (Vortex & Sonication), Powder Dispensing, Solids Dosing (Powder & Granule), Liquid Handling (inc. Slurries) , Transfers, Barcode Scanning (1D/2D Single Tube and Whole Plate Barcode Scanner), combined with ‘forensic’ sample data tracking, LMS interface and 21CFR11 compliance capable OTS software. We have modules for Capping (Crimp & Screw), Machine Vision for Layer Detection and Solubility/Turbidity measurements, output to LC or other Analytical Instruments, Inert Atmosphere Cabinetry plus a friendly and understanding technical staff that will go out of their way to be of help.
At Sirius we believe in the power of Laboratory Workstation Automation. In a marketplace that increasingly attempts to force the Chemist into a ‘one size fits all’ approach to automation, we know the truth. Not only does one size not even fit most, – there is some element of adaptation or customization to every project, no matter how routine or widespread, for it to provide greatest value to the user. A business’ core strength lies in its human resources; – our accumulated wealth of knowledge and our strength in this business are solely the result of our dedication to successful Laboratory Automation, and our combined desire and ability to deliver on that single promise.
Sirius Automation Group’s innovative technologies in laboratory automation are now actively contributing to the success of the leading companies in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical/agrichem, environmental quality, energy, precious metal, tobacco, food and bioscience. Sirius Automation Group’s product installations proudly cover PacificRim, Europe and North & South America.