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Next Generation Screening Platforms

The High Throughput Biologicals Screening facility for Antibody Lead Discovery consists of multiple robot platforms:

A platform for fully automated colony picking / cell sorting
Three robot platforms: one for planned inoculation and induction of expression cultures; two for screening assays up to two hundred 384 or 1536 well plates per run
A robot platform for flexible non-standardized screening workflows
In addition to speed, obtained by circular, compact hardware using robot arms with greater reach and height, these platforms are characterized by accessibility of the devices and flexibility for immediate needs or space for future implementations. The devices are placed on drawers, trolleys and different levels, so that the small footprint is retained and sliding doors guarantee the safety regulations. The PlateButler PreciseFlex robotic arm, with simple learning function, is used for all platforms to keep the complexity low. In addition, the costs are kept under control by re-using existing devices.