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The Measure of Excellence
Hamilton Labs and Sensors
Laboratory Products

Laboratory Products manufactures Microliter and Gastight syringes that set the standard for analytical fluid measurement. Other products include custom needles, semi-automated diluters and dispensers, polymeric HPLC columns, pH electrodes, pipettes and more.
Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton Robotics provides automated liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation technology for the scientific community. With a focus on innovative design, our products incorporate Hamilton’s patented liquid handling technologies for fully automated solutions. In addition to liquid handling platforms, we also offer application-specific solutions, small devices, and consumables.

Hamilton Storage offers ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for storage of a variety of labware. Hamilton’s line of biobanking and compound management systems, benchtop devices and consumables are designed for sample integrity, flexibility, and reliability.
Process Analytics
Process Analytics

Process Analytics includes innovative solutions for the online measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ORP, viable cell density and total cell density. Hamilton’s proprietary Arc intelligent sensor technology eliminates the need for transmitters and moves the functionality to your smartphone or tablet.
OEM Solutions
OEM Solutions

Many of the world’s top manufacturers utilize Hamilton products and expertise to get their innovations to market faster with lower development and manufacturing costs. As an OEM partner, we offer the ability to integrate our proven syringe pumps or pipetting channels, customize our proven liquid handling platforms or design a complete system to automate your novel chemistry.