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At Apricot Designs, we are proud to call ourselves specialists in multichannel microvolume pipettors, disposable pipette tips, and high-performance solvent evaporators. For over a decade, we have provided products to satisfied customers such as Pfizer, Abbott, Merck, Genentech, Amgen, Roche, AstraZeneca ... and many others. The key to our continued success is that we work closely with our customers, who constantly provide us with valuable feedback. As a result, our products reflect the latest demands in the forefront of the industry.

Our innovations include the unique 384 channel pipettors which not only work with 384 and 1536-well labware, but can also pipette 96-well labware! This convenient downward compatibility is the first of its kind. The patented ESP tips provide superior sealing yet require lower loading force compared to conventional tip designs. These innovations are the first in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets!

To further help you stay ahead of the competition, we also provide custom design, consultation, manufacturing and/or modification of instruments. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we always believe in going that extra step!